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the reason i’m not on spirit as much is because he’s a really cheery optimistic kid and i’m 

really not most of the time 

so it’s really hard to be him when i’m in certain moods whereas electra is actually pretty bitter especially lately and being her is kind of a nice respite from my own problems actually so yeah))

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Your uncle sounds like a pretty chill guy. What does he actually do, I mean um, not necessarily job-wise but.. I think you get what I mean?


Oh, hehe, he… he does a lot of stuff. I mean, he went to rabbinical school, but he’s not a practicing rabbi anywhere, I mean, except in that rabbi just means teacher, and he pretty much never stops doing that. 

He does odd jobs mostly, and a bit of everything else. Gardening, tree care, some work with organization of a few non profit organizations, and uh, he writes. Books, articles, mostly articles, even a book of poetry once. Lots of different stuff, but all kinda based around his personal philosophies. And then he does a lot of volunteer stuff too, like the trip we were on. We do a lot of trips like that, actually. Or I mean, more than most people. Semi-frequently. Uh, you get the idea. Sorry, I tend to kind of… ramble. You’re welcome to cut me off any time, I won’t mind. 


imagelegalizetruff replied to your post: Ok, I don’t usually just… talk to random people,…

…Your name is Audrey. Wow. Okay, that’s really weird. My friend, the girl you look like, her name’s Audrey too. I’m uh, I’m Spirit. Well, Ezra, but no one calls me that. It’s nice to meet you.

Whoa, that is really weird. Do you know what ever happened to her? I think I might like to meet her if she’s ever, uh, around again.

Spirit, huh? That’s definitely the best nickname I’ve heard yet. Which is saying a lot I think, seeing as how nobody uses their actual name here.

Hehe, thanks… my uncle gave it to me when I was a kid, so it kinda means a lot to me. And then like, basically just my parents called me by my real name, so it feels a little weird if anyone else does. 

And yeah… I hope she comes back, I don’t really know what happened. I went away for a while, on this trip with Habitat for Humanity with my uncle and some of his friends, and I kinda forgot to tell everyone and when I came back… she won’t return my calls, and no one’s seen her in a while. I guess stuff like that happens around here a lot though, it’s… kind of a weird town. 

Anonymous SAID: happy new year!!!

Oh, uh… I guess I got this a little late, huh?

Happy new year to you too!

quenchycactus SAID: Hey spirit! You got a full name?

Uh, yeah, of course I do.

I don’t mind if you call me my real name either, it’s just… I guess I’m used to being called Spirit, and like, everyone here goes by nicknames, so it’d be weird to go by it all the time or something like that? 

Right, still haven’t said it.

Uh… it’s Ezra. Ezra Mayim Baumann. 


i  cant draw spirit but i tried

it’s?? the thought that counts????

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Yeah…. Not exactly sure what the fight’s about, all the information is either really vague, or too many people playing the blame game and pointing fingers - which is something I am so not comfortable with heh.

fresh start would definitely be less confusing than try to keep track of everything, yeah, I’ll introduce you to some of the cool new students that I’ve come across also, yeah.

No I haven’t seen Audrey though actually… not for a while… I really miss her. I hope she’s okay as well…

Oh. Wow, I was hoping it was just a… changed number… or something… 

I guess I just have to be extra thankful for you and Fem still being here then, or… whatever. 

And if there’s more people to actually talk to then… maybe I can make more friends. That’d be pretty cool. 

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I uh…. Thank… you… don’t get that often, heh… just assume people don’t, ya’ know?

Glad you had such a good time while you were gone too, that’s really great, hopefully you’ll be able to catch up with everyone too. Oh! And of the gossip I’ve heard… which I know is like… a really dumb way of getting information, and whatnot… uhm, Rocky and his band are fighting, kinda, Rocky got cut up… that was crazy, I think they were fighting over a girl? but uh, Swag was poor for a bit, and One is doing okay…. that’s just the popular kids though, which is what everyone goes on about anyway, so I mean…. I could start giving you random names and telling you how they’re doing but you wouldn’t know what I was talking about at all, hahah.

Anywho, vague information was purposefully vague, since most the actual details I have are secondhand and therefore more than likely false. You should go chat it up with everyone soon, you seem eager to anyway, haha.

Woah, Spook and Rocky are fighting? That’s so weird. I always thought they were a best bros for life kinda deal. I hope they work it out, I think they both deserve to be happy, so uh, yeah. I guess I’ll talk to Fem probably, but like, I dunno, roll with it other than that. You should definitely introduce me to some of the new kids too.

Man, if that’s just what you know, I wonder what other kind of stuff’s been happening. Too much to catch up on, that’s for sure.

I guess I just sorta… get a fresh start, huh?

Which could be kinda cool.

Um… you haven’t seen Audrey recently, have you? I tried calling her when I got back, and once while I was away but… I couldn’t get through to her.

…I hope she’s okay. 

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Hah, well uh… Thank you, for caring I suppose? And it’s all cool, One actually visited me, on account of… I don’t even know actually… He just did, which was weirdly comforting.

I was unconscious for most of my stay though, so doesn’t make too much of a difference to me.

I wouldn’t blame you if my hair was distracting though, hahah, it is kinda… obnoxiously bright? Uhm anyway, Hannukah in Paraguay? Do anything special?

Just sharing traditions and good feelings and food with people, nothing too out there, but that was pretty special. It was a little weird, because other than me and my uncle and his friends, like, everyone was either Christian or not religious, even the other people with our work group, and a lot of the locals had no idea what we were going on about all the time. 

And dude, of course I care. You’re my friend, right? It’s good you made it through, but I still wish I could’ve been there to be supportive and whatever. I like being there for people. 

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Wow, heheh, nah man I got most of that, the Rabbi thing and Rabbinical school, not sure what Renewal means but that’s pretty cool. My grandmother was jewish and I stayed with her for a couple years when I was younger so I know a bit about Judaism, like the dreidels, gelt, menorah, the eight candles and stuff… I even know a couple hebrew phrases hahah… more Finnish than hebrew though.

Also did not know you were jewish until now, which is also cool, wish I’d gotten you something cause Hanukkah was like, a week ago or something? Then again I think you were gone at that time also.

I digress though… That is really awesome, glad you could learn a lot from the experience, definitely seems like you’ve… matured, heh.


Hospital thing was uh… It was fun actually. I mean looking back, I thought I was probably going to die… But I’m alive! So it was… Hmm. Do you remember that thing I said was coming after me? The demon? Well I hope you do… Anywho, it possessed me for a bit which I think you knew, and uh… I hunted it down and got torn to pieces trying to kill it.

Best thing I think I’ve ever done… so far anyway… it was pretty great, ya’ know, sticking up for myself and all.

And before we go any further, I am aware that it’s probably extremely hard to take me seriously with this chartreuse hair… I am aware, hahah

Woah, dude. Nah, the hair’s cool, you remember I used to dye a bit of mine too, I don’t judge based on appearances anyway, so it’s not distracting me or anything. And yeah, I did Hannukah in Paraguay, which was pretty cool, mostly because of my uncle and his friends. I just got back in town like, two days ago, haha. I don’t have holiday gifts for almost anyone…

That shit with the demon sounds intense, man, I wish I’d been around to like, visit you in the hospital or whatever. I’m glad you’re okay now! It would’ve sucked if I’d come back to find any of my friends like, dead or something. Yikes, that sounds awful even to think or say! 

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